Well we pulled into Atlanta – tired but satisfied that we had successfully motored 2,843 miles without accident or boredom. It was quite an eye opening adventure for Jim and I. We learned a lot about RVing, like 32-feet is nowhere near as big as it seems. Plus those doorways are the perfect height for a 6’2” person to bump his head (repeatedly). At the Georgia National Fair we toured a few RVs that helped us identify the one we will be using for our next adventure. Although even Jim, chef that he is, admitted granite countertops are probably not a requirement for our next RV trip. We saw a lot of the country, which amazed us – the phenomenon of Meteor Crater, the mecca for many at Graceland, the heart wrenching 16th Street Church in Birmingham, and the Native American Artistry at the Zuni Pueblo. We learned there is a story in everyone if you take the time to listen – a few we won’t’ soon forget. A conversation with Connie on Old Route 66. A serenade by Sooners Annabelle and Harley in Erick, Oklahoma. A city boy’s take on raising a future farmer by Vic Hill.

We want to send a special thank you to all the Wal-Mart associates and customers along the way that took the time to tell us their tales – whatever they may be.